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It takes a lot of confidence for any aspiring performer to go on national television and sing their heart out in front of millions of people. It takes even more guts togo on national television and sing two of the most iconic, hardtonail ballads in the pop music canon, but that’s exactly what Zara Larsson did as a contestant on Sweden’s Got Talent in 2008. She was 10 years old. It never occurred to her todo anything lessAn angelicfaced, blueeyed blonde, Larsson won the show handily with her selfassured renditions of Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” decimating her competition with a killer combo of talent, charm, and freshfaced beauty. Now 17, Larsson still radiates boldnessnot to mention a powerhouse voicewhich will certainly help as she launches her career in the U.S. with her debut single “Uncover” for TEN Epic / KemosabeLarsson is already a bonafide superstar in Scandinavia, where she has released two EPs, Introducing andAllow Me To Reintroduce Myselfand an album, 1on the Swedish label TenRecords (also home to Icona Pop and Erik Hassle)“Uncover,” which Larsson first posted on YouTube, was her breakthrough hit, topping the charts in Sweden and Norway and earning 6xPlatinum certification (as did Introducing). Her followup singles, She’s Not Me Pt 1 & 2” and “Bad Boys, also garnered success onthe Scandinavian charts, as did 2014’s Top 10 hits “Carry You Home” and“Rooftop.” Many of those tracks have been collected on Larsson’s sixsong Uncover EP, an R&Bflavored pop confection filled with relatable lyrics, catchy hooks, and melodies designed to show off Larsson’s impressive vocal range. Larsson says she chose them for her U.S. debut because “they were the ones that we knew people liked the best and that I liked the best.” Taken together, the songs sketchout the many sides of love, whether its hidden (“Uncover”), jealous (“She’s NotMe”), supportive (“Carry You Home”), heartbreaking (“Never Gonna Die”), wistful(“Rooftop”), or downright joyful (“Wanna Be Your Baby”). The songs are about love because love is pretty much the key to everything,” Larsson says. “’Uncover’ is about two people who want to be together, but can’t let anyone know. As soon as they’re alone, they can finally ‘uncover,’” Larsson says. “I don’t think of it as a cute love song, it’s more about people who can’t be seen together because society tells them it isn’t okay, like people in samesex relationships.”  Such thoughtful declarations are not unusual from Larsson, who grew up in the socially progressive Swedish capital of StockholmShe may have favored bigvoiced mainstream songbirds like Whitney and Celine growing up, but now her music taste leans toward R&B and hiphop and she cites Beyoncé, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj as favoritesHer father, an officer in the Swedish Navy, loved AC/DC, Metallica, The Sex Pistols, and Queen and he passed on his love for the latter’s theatrical swagger to his daughter. Larsson can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. “We had no furniture in front of the table because that was my stage,” she recalls. “I had this special area marked out where I could dance and sing. My younger sister and I would put on shows for my parents and their guests.”In 2008, she decided to try out for Sweden’s Got Talent, encouraged by thesecondplace finish of a friend of hers the previous year. Of her winning performance, Larsson says that she barely remembers her time on stage.“Watching myself that young is very weird, but I’m very proud of what I did.” The win led to her signing with independent music company TEN Music Group in 2012, followed by posting a video for “Uncover” to YouTube in 2013. I thought maybe I’d get 20,000 hits, maybe 100,000.” The official version has now racked up over nine million views. Larsson’s success in Scandinavia has led to other significant moments in her burgeoning career, including supporting Cher Lloyd on the British singer’s 2013 North American “I Wish” Tour (“The American audiences didn’t know my name, I didn’t have any songs out, and still people were screaming and shouting, it was so crazy,” she says), and performing “Uncover” at the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo backed by an orchestra and choir. In April 2013, Larsson was signed by L.A. Reid to Epic Records and Dr. Luke to his Kemosabe Records label. With guidance from two of the music industry’s biggest players, Larsson is looking forward to releasing her music in America, which she calls “the center of the entertainment universe. People in Sweden are obsessed with America.” Establishing herself in the U.S. will also give her the opportunity to do what she loves best: perform live for as many people as possible. “My dream is to stand in front of 60,000 people in an arena and know that everyone came because they wanted to make memories with me,” she saysThat’s a beautiful thing. The more successful you are, the more people are going to come and be a part of the music.


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